How To Ride

Plan Your Trip

Call the Dispatch Office at 760-337-1766 and a friendly bilingual customer service representative will assist you in planning your trip, and answering questions you may have regarding riding the bus.

Pay the fare

The fare for the trip must be paid 48 hours before your scheduled trip in order to confirm your reservation.

Wait For The Bus

It is best to be at the bus stop a few minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Refer to dispatch time provided to confirm when you should be at the pick-up location.

Board The Bus

Before getting on the bus, verify that it is an IVT MedTrans bus and the correct route by asking the driver.

Let passengers get off any bus before you board.

Take A Seat

The seats nearest the driver are for passengers needing extra assistance. If you choose to sit in these seats and do not need extra assistance be prepared to move if asked to by the driver. For your safety, always remain seated or hold on to the poles when on board the bus.

Get Off The Bus

Driver will announce all destinations.